I love the story….

that a photograph tells. I love the color, light and emotion. I love smiles and seeing people in the moment, truly oblivious to everything around them. I love when kids are outrageous, or when a bride rocks out in her wedding dress. I love the tiny details of a wedding day that make it different from any other. I love that perfect sparkle you see in a wedding ring, or in a little kids’ eye when they think they are getting away with something.

I love my job…

I work with kids, couples, babies, creative professionals, and fun families. I spend time with people at the happiest moments of their lives, I have a great job.

I love style…

My style has been described as warm, joyous, creative, silly, organic and modern. I try my best to bring out the best possible light and love in families, and wedding clients. I want to show your best possible image with out changing who you are. For this reason my treatment of photos will be creative by timeless. My approach is to have fun with clients, weather it be a bride in a gorgeous dress, or a baby in nothing at all. I want this experience to be painless, laid back, and most of all fun.

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