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Micah & Micah Love on Hawthorne {Engagment Photos Portland Oregon}

She is a soon to be school teacher

He is an architect

Together they are nothing short of adorable.

I met up with this fun couple on Hawthorne over the weekend to do some engagement photos. We had a good time walking around the area and finding cool buildings to use. I love SE Hawthorne, there are endless possibilities, every time I shoot there I find something new. Micah & Micah humored me with my crazy ideas. I will be shooting their wedding this summer and I can not wait! From all the reports I am getting it should be a beautiful affair.

Here are a few of my favorites so far:

These two have been together since high school, how sweet is that.

And this crazy blue green wall, I had to tone it down a TON. Talk about bright whew. I loved all the fall tones we had going on that day.

The soon to be Mr. & Mrs.

How perfect is this wall mural! I have so many fun variations of this shot. It was just too perfect.

I loved the super tall window here. I think this one would look great printed large.

M & M thanks for traipsing around Hawthorne with me! I can not wait till your wedding, it is going to be beautiful. I should have this whole set ready for you with in a few weeks. I wanted wanted to post a bit of a teaser for you. And also because it is the season I would love to gift you a large print for your home. Let say if you can get 30 comments on this post I will throw in an 11×14 wall print on me .  Remember you can always post links to your myspace, and facebook accounts!

So get commenting people!

xoxo em

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a nurse and a fire fighter get married…

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke right? No joke here, just the results of  a wicked fun wedding. I had the pleasure of working with the super talented and over the top fun Kacy Jo for this one. I know I have said it before, but working with other photographers is always fun for me. There are a million ways to shoot a wedding, and it is always fun to see other photographers in their “zone”. Kacy is a riot, and this particular couple Marie & Jeff had us on our toes and laughing all day.

Ok I will stop talking, look here are a few (too many!) of my favorites from the day.

It was crazy hot that day, but they made it work. I love Marie’s expressions here, she cracked me up.

Check out that dip! Jeff & Marie did this great choreographed first dance, it was so cool!

And of course the “father daughter dance” had me tearing up, I am such a sap for that stuff. These two are super close so I know it was an important moment for them, and Dad can dance!

Jeff & Marie also did this great dance to honor all the couples who had been married for many years. The couple who had been married the longest went home with a lovely gift, it was very sweet.

And anyone who has ever read this blog before knows I am a sucker for cute kids dancing at receptions. This one had no shortage of cute little ones. And these boys and girls had some mad dance skills. I was impressed!

And the “small girl with the big camera” herself ms Kacy Jo. Thanks for asking me to come help out! I had a great time even in the crazy hot weather.

xo em

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When the wedding is so cool you can not do just one post… {Wedding Photography Portland Oregon}

I previously posted about Coral & Ben’s super fun wedding. I just had to throw out a few more images to share. I had not even gotten to the reception! Here are a few more of my favorites from the reception aka the party.

Have I said how beautiful this couple is? And stylie too!

Like I said every little detail was just beautiful.

Look who caught the Garder and the Bouquet! They *might* have had some help from the taller family members.

This couple made even the traditional family shots fun!

They had the most detailed beautiful cake. Everyone was impressed though these two were a little more anxious to get a bite.

After cake there was even a bit of dancing. Not quite sure about the headgear, but that little one could pull any look off he is so cute.

And of course all the party games, yeah fun was had by all!

I know I have said it before but the word for Coral & Ben’s wedding was fun! I had a blast capturing it all and can not wait to show you all the rest. Coral and Ben thank you again for letting me capture your day. Yet again any wedding guests or family members please leave a comment below and I will capture your email and let you know when the whole gallery is ready!

xo em

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Coral and Ben are Married! {Wedding Portland Oregon}

Last weekend I had the honor of spending time with the lovely and beautiful couple Coral and Ben. Calling this couple fun is an understatement. Their wedding was full of fun surprises around every corner, I had such a blast. This is the first of a couple sneak peeks I am going to do for the newly weds, because to be honest there are way too many to choose from to share.

Here are a few of my favorites so far in order of the days events.

I hung out with the ladies as they got ready for the day.

Coral’s shoes and dress were beautiful vintage inspired pieces.

Coral planned out every little beautiful detail can you tell.

She also had an amazing vintage headpiece from her home state in the Midwest. More on that later.

The ceremony it’s self was beautiful and incredibly moving. You would think after shooting weddings for a while I would not cry, but Coral and Ben’s love notes to each other had even me tearing up.

After the ceremony the guest were treated to a magician and a barber shop quartet. Uh yeah I said they were fun right!

The couple and I took a walk to get some special images of the two of them on their big day. There were way too many to choose from to share here is another one of my favorites so far.

Many many more to come guys. I want to devote an entire post to the reception because it was just that fun.

Coral & Ben I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon! Again I had a blast spending the day with you. I can not wait to show you more.

xo em

PS to all of you guest checking out the blog, welcome. Please leave a comment on this post so I can capture your email and let you know when the whole gallery is ready.

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Rocky & Cheryl { Wedding Portland OR }

In May I was lucky enough to shoot with Angela Cardas, a photographer I very much admire. It is always fun assisting others out and seeing how they shoot a wedding. If you have been in the business a long time or are just starting out you can always learn from others. Angela was super fun to work with, and man was it a fun wedding.

As Angela got some great images of the bride and her girls getting ready I got to hang out with the boys.

Rocky and Cheryl got married at the Native American center on the Portland State University campus. Being a PSU alumni (go vikings!!) it was way fun to be back on my old stomping grounds. The bride and groom decided to do formals prior to the wedding so we got to treck all over the south parkblocks. Just look at these fun images we got.

We got to play with a fire truck!

And a police car. Really fun as a photographer to mix up the regularly stuffy formal photographs.

The bride and groom we so sweet, really a joy to photograph.

The grooms daughter was also in the wedding party, what a beauty.

The wedding weas beautiful but I have to admit the wedding party processional stole the show

They did the cha cha!

Cheryl and Rock also rode in style to their reception.

yes that would be the bride’s vintage Ford Mustang.

Over all it was a super fun wedding in down town Portland. Thanks again Angela for asking me to come along and help out!

xo em

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