I didn’t think it was possible, but these boys get more and more charming each year. Every two years these guys have me into their home to capture the boys as they are, in their element. This year was particularly special as they will be moving on to a new home soon. Over the last two years the little guys got bigger, smarter, and even more charming.

It really was fun to see these guys, catch up, and point me camera their way.:)

Here are a handful of my favorites…

PortlandKidsPhotographer PortlandKidsPhotographer2 PortlandKidsPhotographer3 PortlandKidsPhotographer4 PortlandKidsPhotographer5 PortlandKidsPhotographer6 PortlandKidsPhotographer7 PortlandKidsPhotographer8 PortlandKidsPhotographer9 PortlandKidsPhotographer10 PortlandKidsPhotographer11 PortlandKidsPhotographer12 PortlandKidsPhotographer13 PortlandKidsPhotographer14 PortlandKidsPhotographer15 PortlandKidsPhotographer16

Danelle & RD thanks again for having me into your home to capture your boys. They are always so fun to work with. Enjoy the sneak peek. I will have the full set done shortly. And of course I hope to see you in your new home soon!

xo em



Are you sitting down dear friends and readers? If not I suggest you pull up a chair, perhaps grab a beverage, this post is going to be a LONG one. It is going to be a long one for a few reasons. The first being this wedding was full of all the things that make for good wedding photos, lots of details, a great looking couple crazy in love, excited and exuberant friends & family, and last but not least an amazing location.

It took years of planning, tons of work, and incredible dedication, but Sarah, Layton & their families pulled of a stunning event. Everything from the parking signs to the glowing lights was beautiful. From the invitations to the dancing shoes, all of it was amazing.

And of course at the heart of this event was a bride and groom, that glowed with love. It was so fun to capture these two love birds together.

I hope your comfy, here come the photos!


OregonCoastRangeWedding OregonCoastRangeWedding2 OregonCoastRangeWedding3 OregonCoastRangeWedding4 OregonCoastRangeWedding5 OregonCoastRangeWedding6 OregonCoastRangeWedding7 OregonCoastRangeWedding8 OregonCoastRangeWedding9 OregonCoastRangeWedding10 OregonCoastRangeWedding11 OregonCoastRangeWedding12 OregonCoastRangeWedding13 OregonCoastRangeWedding14 OregonCoastRangeWedding15 OregonCoastRangeWedding16 OregonCoastRangeWedding17 OregonCoastRangeWedding18 OregonCoastRangeWedding19 OregonCoastRangeWedding20 OregonCoastRangeWedding21 OregonCoastRangeWedding22 OregonCoastRangeWedding23 OregonCoastRangeWedding24 OregonCoastRangeWedding25 OregonCoastRangeWedding26 OregonCoastRangeWedding27 OregonCoastRangeWedding28 OregonCoastRangeWedding29 OregonCoastRangeWedding30 OregonCoastRangeWedding31 OregonCoastRangeWedding32 OregonCoastRangeWedding33 OregonCoastRangeWedding34 OregonCoastRangeWedding35 OregonCoastRangeWedding36 OregonCoastRangeWedding37 OregonCoastRangeWedding38 OregonCoastRangeWedding39 OregonCoastRangeWedding40 OregonCoastRangeWedding41 OregonCoastRangeWedding42 OregonCoastRangeWedding43 OregonCoastRangeWedding44 OregonCoastRangeWedding45 OregonCoastRangeWedding46 OregonCoastRangeWedding47 OregonCoastRangeWedding48 OregonCoastRangeWedding49 OregonCoastRangeWedding50 OregonCoastRangeWedding51 OregonCoastRangeWedding52 OregonCoastRangeWedding53 OregonCoastRangeWedding54 OregonCoastRangeWedding55 OregonCoastRangeWedding56 OregonCoastRangeWedding57 OregonCoastRangeWedding58 OregonCoastRangeWedding59 OregonCoastRangeWedding60 OregonCoastRangeWedding61 OregonCoastRangeWedding62 OregonCoastRangeWedding63 OregonCoastRangeWedding64 OregonCoastRangeWedding65 OregonCoastRangeWedding66 OregonCoastRangeWedding67

Sarah & Layton thank you again for having us out to capture your special day. It really was amazing! We loved witnessing your wedding. I hope you enjoyed the photo peek. The gallery is going to be HUGE!

For now enjoy the peek. Friends and family reading please leave a comment below if you would like to gain access to the whole gallery when it is ready.

xo em

  • August 26, 2015 - 2:33 pm

    Valery Saul - Hi Em!

    Pics turned out great! I would love to see them all. What is the way to do?

  • August 26, 2015 - 4:22 pm

    Ben dessert - Great photos and post

  • August 27, 2015 - 11:04 am

    Ruby Moon - It truly was all that you wrote and then some. The details…handwritten place cards many with thoughtful reminders of their special connection to you. Thank you all, family, friends and Mr & Mrs. for over a year of doing and sharing to make this day so amazing.
    I am still drinking in some of the scenes in my head.

  • August 27, 2015 - 12:12 pm

    emily - Hey Valery, I will send you the link when they are all ready. :)


Sometimes my wedding clients become friends… and everyone in a while those friends come to visit & play.:)

Michael and Megan were married in Oregon a few years ago, and I had a blast photographing their wedding.

This summer they informed me their plan was to come up to Oregon, visit some of the memorable spots and hang out, and asked if I wanted to come play one day and meet their little guy. We made a plan to meet up for some quick photos, and then hang a bit of a family day. We had a great time, picking blackberries, watching the “big kids” scooter, check out the river then go grab lunch with copious amounts of bacon.

Here are a handful of images from our photo time.

SalemBabyPhotographer SalemBabyPhotographer2 SalemBabyPhotographer3 SalemBabyPhotographer4 SalemBabyPhotographer5 SalemBabyPhotographer6 SalemBabyPhotographer7 SalemBabyPhotographer8 SalemBabyPhotographer9 SalemBabyPhotographer10 SalemBabyPhotographer11 SalemBabyPhotographer12 SalemBabyPhotographer13 SalemBabyPhotographer14

M&M thanks again for including me in  your road trip up north! I had a great time catching up and playing. I hope you enjoyed the peek. I will have the whole set to ya shortly.

xo em


Once again it was my pleasure to do some work for the Chehalem Cultural Center here in Newberg. I spent a few hours with the summer camp kids over a few weeks and had a blast capturing the budding little artists at work & play. They did everything from drawing, painting, sculpture, natural element art, glass work, to drama productions. It was a blast to photograph, and my own kids had an amazing time.

Here are a handful of my favorites.

NewbergPhotographer NewbergPhotographer2 NewbergPhotographer3 NewbergPhotographer4 NewbergPhotographer5 NewbergPhotographer6 NewbergPhotographer7 NewbergPhotographer8 NewbergPhotographer9 NewbergPhotographer10 NewbergPhotographer11 NewbergPhotographer12 NewbergPhotographer13 NewbergPhotographer14


Morgan & Steven spend a lot of time at his families adorable cottage in Manzaneta, OR so when we started talking about spots for the engagement session that seemed to be the place. I am so glad I made the trek up to see them, they place is darling, and the coastline is beautiful. I have not spent a whole lot of time in Manzaneta, but the beach there is beautiful. Lots of distinctive geological elements you don’t see on every beach, lots of rocks and large wooden forts, it is such a cool spot.

We had a great time talking about small towns on the coast, weddings, and crazy dogs.

here are a few of my favorites…

ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer2 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer3 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer4 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer5 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer6 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer7 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer8 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer9 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer10 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer12 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer13 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer14 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer15 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer16 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer17 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer18 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer19 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer20 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer21 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer22 ManzanetaWeddingPhotographer23

Morgan & Steven, thanks for having me out to your cabin! I had a great time with you two, and meeting your neurotic and sweet dog.:)I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek. I will have the whole set ready for you very soon!

xo em