I always love the autumn, but this year has been particularly beautiful. The weather, the leaves, the sweaters, the warm drinks, I just adore this season. Another reason I love the fall is getting out doors for portrait sessions. Some times it is with returning clients, and some times new families. Just a few short weeks ago I spent the morning with the M family. This group of incredibly adorable people were SO FUN to capture! The parents were sweet, the kids were funny, and the whole family was lovely.

Check out a few of my favorites…

PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer2 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer3 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer4 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer5 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer6 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer7 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer8 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer9 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer10 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer11 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer12 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer13 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer14 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer15 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer17 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer18 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer19 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer20 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer21 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer22 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer23 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer24 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer26 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer25


Elizabeth, thanks again for seeking me out to capture your family. I had a great time meeting all of you. Your kiddos are DARLING! I had a wonderful walk. I hope the fall has treated you well. Enjoy the sneak peek, I will have the whole set done shortly.





It has been many years I have had the pleasure of photographing Charlotte & Katie. Engagements, weddings, maternity photos, and adorable babies. It was my pleasure again to spend a lovely morning with these guys in their new home town. Exploring the waterfront, talking to the ducks and just catching up.

These guys are just adorable and awesome. It was a great session and lovely to see them again. ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out a few of my favorites…

SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer2 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer3 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer4 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer5 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer6 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer7 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer8 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer9 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer10 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer11 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer12 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer13 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer14 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer15 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer16 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer17 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer18 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer19 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer20 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer21 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer22 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer23 SalemOregonFamilyPhotographer24

C&K thanks again for trusting me to capture your family. M is so wildly adorable and smart, and H oh man those eyes stole my heart! I loved it! I hope you have enjoyed your peek. I will have the whole set done very soon!

xo em

  • November 9, 2015 - 4:36 pm

    Katie - Molly is very happy that Howie (very toy dog) made the blog. He really is part of the family!


Meeting new families is always fun. Spending time getting kids to trust you, learning about families dynamics, trying to show an honest portrait with my camera, I love the process. When the E family started contacting me I know these guys would be lovely to work with. But when darling Cole walked out of that car I knew we would have a great session. This little dude has so much character, and those dimples! He was full of energy and do fun to photograph.

I had a great time working with the entire family! I am excited to show off this peek too.

Check out a few of my favorites from our session together:

PortlandFamilyPhotographer PortlandFamilyPhotographer2 PortlandFamilyPhotographer3 PortlandFamilyPhotographer4 PortlandFamilyPhotographer5 PortlandFamilyPhotographer6 PortlandFamilyPhotographer7 PortlandFamilyPhotographer8 PortlandFamilyPhotographer9 PortlandFamilyPhotographer10 PortlandFamilyPhotographer11 PortlandFamilyPhotographer12 PortlandFamilyPhotographer13 PortlandFamilyPhotographer14 PortlandFamilyPhotographer15 PortlandFamilyPhotographer16 PortlandFamilyPhotographer17 PortlandFamilyPhotographer18 PortlandFamilyPhotographer19 PortlandFamilyPhotographer20 PortlandFamilyPhotographer21 PortlandFamilyPhotographer22

Brooke, thanks so much for making the trek out for our session. I had a wonderful time getting to know you all, and capturing your darling little man. I am so glad you all found me after moving to the North West. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you enjoyed the peek. I will have the whole set done very soon.


xo em


I have known, and had the pleasure of photographing this family since before these amazing children even entered the world. It has been amazing to see them grow over the years, I don’t think I could adore them any more. Over the years we have made it to some of my favorite areas for photos, but this year we choose to hit a local vineyard.

Check out just a few of my favorites. I had so much fun, of course!

DundeeFamilyPhotographer DundeeFamilyPhotographer2 DundeeFamilyPhotographer3 DundeeFamilyPhotographer4 DundeeFamilyPhotographer5 DundeeFamilyPhotographer6 DundeeFamilyPhotographer7 DundeeFamilyPhotographer8 DundeeFamilyPhotographer9 DundeeFamilyPhotographer10 DundeeFamilyPhotographer11 DundeeFamilyPhotographer12 DundeeFamilyPhotographer13 DundeeFamilyPhotographer14 DundeeFamilyPhotographer15

Julie & Vince thanks again for making the trek up to see me. I ADORE you all. I hope you have enjoyed the peek. Can’t wait to do it again!


xo em


I love it when I get to work in my own neck of the woods. The Dundee Hills have some amazing areas, and just a few days ago I got to capture some lovely people on a foggy morning up in the hills. Michelle, her hubby, her parents and three sweet dogs were lovely to capture. They have a lovely home and the dogs totally cracked me up with their antics.

Check out some of the images we made…

OBFamilyPhotographer OBFamilyPhotographer2 OBFamilyPhotographer3 OBFamilyPhotographer4 OBFamilyPhotographer5 OBFamilyPhotographer6 OBFamilyPhotographer7 OBFamilyPhotographer8 OBFamilyPhotographer9 OBFamilyPhotographer10 OBFamilyPhotographer11 OBFamilyPhotographer12 OBFamilyPhotographer13 OBFamilyPhotographer14

Michelle thanks again for having me out to your home. I had a great time. I hope you enjoyed the peek, I will have the whole set ready soon!


xo em