Cute kids, fall leaves, duck noises and candy, does it get any better?

I had a great time recently catching up with the S family. Baby G has gotten so BIG!

We braved the cold recently for family photos, and it was so fun to check in with these folks.

Check out a few of my favs…

PortlandFamilyPhotographer PortlandFamilyPhotographer2 PortlandFamilyPhotographer3 PortlandFamilyPhotographer4 PortlandFamilyPhotographer5 PortlandFamilyPhotographer6 PortlandFamilyPhotographer7 PortlandFamilyPhotographer8 PortlandFamilyPhotographer9 PortlandFamilyPhotographer10 PortlandFamilyPhotographer11 PortlandFamilyPhotographer12 PortlandFamilyPhotographer13 PortlandFamilyPhotographer14 PortlandFamilyPhotographer15 PortlandFamilyPhotographer16 PortlandFamilyPhotographer17 PortlandFamilyPhotographer18 PortlandFamilyPhotographer19 PortlandFamilyPhotographer20

J&M thanks gain for making the trek south to meet up ! Your crew is adorable, as always! Enjoy the peek I will have the full set up asap.

xo em


Sometimes people find me through past clients, some times people find me through web searches, sometimes people even find me through social media, but this is a first, this guys found me via a school bus…

No I don’t have ads on a school bus, but I do have a 10 year old daughter who used to ride the bus with the adorable little sister below. They became friends, and slowly our families have gotten to know each-other too over the last year or so. I have loved getting to know these guys, so it was my pleasure to capture their family photos.

We had a great time walking around their beautiful Dundee Hills property, talking about crazy pets, silly faces, and cracking dumb jokes.

here are a few of my favorites from our morning together. ๐Ÿ™‚

DundeeOregonPhotographer DundeeOregonPhotographer2 DundeeOregonPhotographer3 DundeeOregonPhotographer4 DundeeOregonPhotographer5 DundeeOregonPhotographer6 DundeeOregonPhotographer7 DundeeOregonPhotographer8 DundeeOregonPhotographer9 DundeeOregonPhotographer10 DundeeOregonPhotographer12 DundeeOregonPhotographer13 DundeeOregonPhotographer14 DundeeOregonPhotographer15 DundeeOregonPhotographer16 DundeeOregonPhotographer17 DundeeOregonPhotographer18 DundeeOregonPhotographer11

Kim & Eric thanks for having me out! Looking forward to getting our families together soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

xo em

  • December 1, 2015 - 7:23 am

    Kim - Emily! I love them! They’re all so great! Will be hard to decide. Send me your Christmas card thing!
    Also, forgot that we met thru the kiddos riding the bus!!! Ha!


As much as I love working with new folks, it is just as fun to capture close friends.

The Boock family are near and dear to my heart, and very loved in my house. It was my pleasure to capture them with my camera this year!

Check out the cute, silly and lovely faces we made together. ๐Ÿ™‚


PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer2 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer3 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer4 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer5 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer6 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer7 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer8 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer9 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer10 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer11 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer12 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer13 PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer14

Boock family I effing love you guys. Let’s play again soon!

xo em


emily g photography Portland Headshot Photographer


A few years back it was my pleasure to take part in a fun & creative shoot out at the World Forestry Center.ย 

The shoot was a great way to get out and stretch our creative muscles on the “off season” and do a fun protect with a group of local wedding vendors. The shoot was picked up on “Ruffled Blog” and just recently I was asked again for use of the images by an online Magazine called “Sweet Violet”. You can see their latest issue online here, our photo is on page 119. ๐Ÿ™‚

xo em




Oh man what cuties the Cook boys are! I have known Amber from around town for a while now, so it was such a pleasure to capture her boys on a bright fall morning recently. We meet up in St. Paul, talked about babies, trucks and kindergarten, and made some photos of this darling family.

Check out a few of my favorites from our morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

OregonFamilyPhotographer OregonFamilyPhotographer2 OregonFamilyPhotographer3 OregonFamilyPhotographer4 OregonFamilyPhotographer5 OregonFamilyPhotographer6 OregonFamilyPhotographer7 OregonFamilyPhotographer8 OregonFamilyPhotographer9 OregonFamilyPhotographer10 OregonFamilyPhotographer11 OregonFamilyPhotographer12 OregonFamilyPhotographer13 OregonFamilyPhotographer14 OregonFamilyPhotographer15 OregonFamilyPhotographer16 OregonFamilyPhotographer17 OregonFamilyPhotographer18

Amber thanks for coming out to meet me! Your little guys are adorable, and were a pleasure to capture!

I will have the whole set done soon!

xo em