Just look at this baby boy.

The big blue eyes, the chubby cheeks, the rolly-polly fingers and toes. I dare you not to fall in love!

It was just months ago he was a beautiful bump in his mama’s belly, then a darling new soul. Now he is back in-front of my lens and cuter than ever! We had a great morning playdate filled with sunshine, giggles and lots of grass to chew on.

Check out a few of my favorites:

WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer2 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer3 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer4 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer5 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer6 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer7 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer8 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer9 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer10 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer11 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer12 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer13 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer14 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer15 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer16 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer17 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer18 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer19 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer20 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer21

Sam & Noel, thanks so much for sharing your darling baby boy with me! I had a great time capturing you all again. I hope you enjoyed the peek. The full set will be up shortly!

xo em


Oh man I love watching families grow. Especially over the years. I consider my self a story teller, so when that story keeps going I just love it.
It was my privilege to capture M&M years ago for their engagement and wedding photos. 

Then again a few years ago when they added Baby A to the mix.

Well they whole family is back in-front of my lens, and now with super cute baby brother! He was so sweet for me. So alert yet smiley!

I just loved working with these guys again.

Here are a few of my favs!

SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer2 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer3 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer4 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer5 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer6 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer7 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer8 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer9 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer10 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer11 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer12 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer13 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer14 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer15 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer16 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer17 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer18 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer19 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer20 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer21

M&M thanks again for having me into your home, to capture your darling family. I wish you guys ALL the joy to be had.

Enjoy the peek, I will have the whole set for you shortly.

xo em


Oh man, what a cutie Miss S is!

She started out as a beautiful bump in per mama’s belly, then came into the world a stunning baby. Just a few months back we got to capture her cute little smiles.

But now, wow this girl is a stunner! I recently spent a beautiful spring morning with the C family, and Penner Ash Winery (wow stunning location!). We chatted, talked babies, and made some beautiful photos.

Check out a handful of my favorites…

DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer2 DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer3 DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer4 DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer5 DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer6 DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer7 DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer8 DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer9 DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer10 DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer11 DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer12 DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer13 DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer14 DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer15 DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer16 DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer17 DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer18 DundeeOregonBabyPhotographer19

Danielle & Rob thanks so much for sharing your sweet baby girl with me this year! I look forward to seeing her grow even bigger! I hope you enjoyed the peek. I will have the rest of up shortly.


xo em



I love traveling all over the state to meet new babies, but once in a while I get to capture brand new life in my own little town.

This little guy was a total charmer for me. Sweet, sleepy and oh so cute. And the baby smiles! It was a great time meeting this whole family and capturing their perfect baby boy.

Here are a few favorites from me session:

NewbergNewbornPhotographer NewbergNewbornPhotographer2 NewbergNewbornPhotographer3 NewbergNewbornPhotographer4 NewbergNewbornPhotographer5 NewbergNewbornPhotographer6 NewbergNewbornPhotographer7 NewbergNewbornPhotographer8 NewbergNewbornPhotographer9 NewbergNewbornPhotographer10 NewbergNewbornPhotographer11 NewbergNewbornPhotographer12 NewbergNewbornPhotographer13 NewbergNewbornPhotographer14 NewbergNewbornPhotographer15 NewbergNewbornPhotographer16 NewbergNewbornPhotographer17 NewbergNewbornPhotographer18

April & Shane thanks so much again for having me into your home. Your little boy is just perfect. I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek. I should have the whole set done shortly. At this time I would love to offer you a little blog challenge. If you can get 30 people to comment on this post I will throw in a set of cute little brag books on the house! So leave some love friends.

xo em


I have been working with the M family for many years. They have adorable kiddos that are always fun to capture, usually Mom and Dad are in the mix too, but this spring we did a special set up. We did a whole session with Grandma & Grandpa while they were in town. It was so fun to see this group of lovely little ones I know so well, play all morning with their grandparents.

Here are a few of my favorites:

PortlandFamilyPhotographer PortlandFamilyPhotographer2 PortlandFamilyPhotographer3 PortlandFamilyPhotographer4 PortlandFamilyPhotographer5 PortlandFamilyPhotographer6 PortlandFamilyPhotographer7 PortlandFamilyPhotographer8 PortlandFamilyPhotographer9 PortlandFamilyPhotographer10 PortlandFamilyPhotographer11 PortlandFamilyPhotographer12 PortlandFamilyPhotographer13 PortlandFamilyPhotographer14 PortlandFamilyPhotographer15 PortlandFamilyPhotographer16

Ellie & Louis thanks so much for visiting me while you were in town! It was a pleasure capturing you all with your darling grand kids. I hope you all had a great time in Portland, and a safe travels home!

I will have the full set done shortly!