It is kind of unreal how cute this family is. They are the kind of family a photographer dreams about. Nice, funny, charming, well behaved kids, and all good looking to top it off. The rain even stopped for our session, it was amazing! The whole Gooddale family was ideal to work with, but the two giggling kiddos stole my heart. Just look at these two adorable little blond peanuts, how could you not love them! We had a great time running around their favorite park and playing in the leaves. I could have taken their photos all day long.

Here are a few of my favorites from our time together.:)

Kim thanks again for meeting up with me and sharing some of your family time. Your kiddos are darling! I hope you love your sneak peek, your whole gallery will be up shortly. For now I would love to offer you a little blog challenge. If you can get 30 people to comment on this post I will throw in a darling little set of wallet brag books. Perfect for showing off 2 little blond kiddos.;)


xo em

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    Kari - Great Pictures! The kids are so cute!


I did not think it was possible, but 6 months later baby W is even more adorable. You may remember him from his newborn session here. It was my pleasure to point my camera at him and his family again this fall. We stayed in the studio this time as the weather was kind of yucky, but made it fun. Big brother was super impressed with the train that went by half way through our session, did I mention how adorable he is too? Ok enough of my gushing, on to the sneak peek!


Danielle & family thanks for meeting up again. Your little guys are super adorable, it really is my pleasure to capture them. I will have the whole gallery done very soon!

xo em




I met Jen & Jason last year at one of my favorite fall 2010 weddings. I immediately noticed Jen with her cute punk rock hair and super cute little “bean”. Any baby girl that can rock skull and cross bone booties at a wedding is a girl after my own heart.  So when she called me this fall to say she and Jason were planning an intimate elopement at a local park I jumped at the chance to work with them. It was a sweet little wedding with just the closest of family & friends. It was my pleasure to capture the sweet and emotion filled event. Here are a few of my favorite images from the event:


every year they meet me someplace beautiful

dressed adorably

with super cute smiles

every year they get bigger, bolder, and have even more giggles

every year they steal my heart.


Thanks again guys for hanging out with me and showing me that great trail! I will have your whole gallery shortly!

xo em