Man I am one lucky newborn photographer! This family was a joy to work with, and makes some beautiful babies. I had a blast with these guys, and can not wait to see these little ones grow.

Check out a a sneak peek chocked full of cuteness!

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Hello world! Get ready for some super cuteness!

These ladies were so fun to capture, what a lovely family.

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Kathryn, thank you again for having me out to capture your family! Your girls are so sweet! I hope you enjoyed the peek, I will have the whole set done for you soon!

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It is Valentines week! The week we celebrate love, relationships and cheesy cards. I am a huge romance nerd, so of course I LOVE IT.

To celebrate I am doing something new this year, I am doing a wedding give away! I still have quite a few dates available in my 2017 schedule, and would love to give one lucky couple a huge leg up on their wedding planning!


If you or someone you know is newly engaged and getting married in 2017 now is the time to enter!

WHAT: Winners get $1000 off any standard collection, or towards a custom wedding collection. New clients only.

WHEN: Enter now, winners will be chosen March 10th, 2017.

WHERE: Any wedding location in the Portland Metro area, Willamette Valley or even Hood River are great. Extended travel costs may apply outside those areas.

WHO: All couples qualify as long as they are getting married in 2017!

HOW: Follow the instructions below!

Step One: share this blog post, Instagram post or the facebook post.

Step Two: email me ( to enter.

Step Three: Stay in touch, all couples who enter need to be available for additional questions.

TELL ME: Please answer the questions below and attach a photo.

  1. Names of the couple
  2. How did you meet?
  3. How long have you been together?
  4. What is your favorite meal to eat together
  5. Why would I be the right photographer for you?
  6. Where is your wedding?
  7. What will the big day be like?
  8. Why should I choose you?
  9. Any other fun details, including wedding date, location, theme, traditions, all of it!

Please share this with any friends or family who might be interested!


xo em






Just one from yesterday’s beautiful newborn session.

all images by emily g photography

This little lady was so good for me. I love baby booms, this week I get to meet three brand new little souls.


This baby boom so early in the month means I have un-expected room later in the month for newborn sessions. If you or anyone you know is due soon have them contact me asap! Newborn sessions are best when prepped ahead of time. 🙂

xo em


I have known Katie B for many years. We grew up going to the same summer camp. She has always been sweet, kind and funny in that easy way only the really good ones can pull off. When she married the also kind & funny Chad a few years back I had a blast capturing their wedding. Since then the couple has added another member of the family, and oh man is he adorable!

It was my pleasure to point my camera at this adorable family again, meet the little man, and catch up.

Check out my favorites…

018-newbergoregonphotographer 019-newbergoregonphotographer 020-newbergoregonphotographer 021-newbergoregonphotographer 022-newbergoregonphotographer 023-newbergoregonphotographer 025-newbergoregonphotographer 026-newbergoregonphotographer 027-newbergoregonphotographer 028-newbergoregonphotographer 029-newbergoregonphotographer 030-newbergoregonphotographer 031-newbergoregonphotographer 032-newbergoregonphotographer


Thanks K&C for making time for me on your trip to Oregon! I hope you had a safe and calm trip home! Enjoy this darling little man. I had a great time meeting him and catching up!

xo em