If I had to describe Kendra and Tim in one word, I would say “smile”.

They both have amazing smiles, warm & inviting. They both also make me smile quite a bit. They are sweet, kind, funny and oh so sweet. I just adored working with them this year, and oh man did they pull off a stunning event.

The whole day was lovely. There were a couple rain drops, but over all the day was just stunning. So many smiles!

Check out a few of my favorite images from the big day:

(Also making me smile the amazing team of vendors they chose:)

Coordination: MH Events

Venue: The Reserve Golf Club & Vineyard

Floral: Bella Bloom

Band: Blue Wave Band

Hair & Make-Up: Blossom & Beauty

Rentals: Something Borrowed

TheReserveGolfClubWedding TheReserveGolfClubWedding2 TheReserveGolfClubWedding3 TheReserveGolfClubWedding4 TheReserveGolfClubWedding5 TheReserveGolfClubWedding6 TheReserveGolfClubWedding7 TheReserveGolfClubWedding8 TheReserveGolfClubWedding9 TheReserveGolfClubWedding10 TheReserveGolfClubWedding11 TheReserveGolfClubWedding12 TheReserveGolfClubWedding13 TheReserveGolfClubWedding14 TheReserveGolfClubWedding15 TheReserveGolfClubWedding16 TheReserveGolfClubWedding17 TheReserveGolfClubWedding18 TheReserveGolfClubWedding19 TheReserveGolfClubWedding20 TheReserveGolfClubWedding21 TheReserveGolfClubWedding22 TheReserveGolfClubWedding23 TheReserveGolfClubWedding24 TheReserveGolfClubWedding25 TheReserveGolfClubWedding26 TheReserveGolfClubWedding27 TheReserveGolfClubWedding28 TheReserveGolfClubWedding29 TheReserveGolfClubWedding30 TheReserveGolfClubWedding31 TheReserveGolfClubWedding32 TheReserveGolfClubWedding33 TheReserveGolfClubWedding34 TheReserveGolfClubWedding35 TheReserveGolfClubWedding36 TheReserveGolfClubWedding37 TheReserveGolfClubWedding38 TheReserveGolfClubWedding39 TheReserveGolfClubWedding40 TheReserveGolfClubWedding42 TheReserveGolfClubWedding43 TheReserveGolfClubWedding44 TheReserveGolfClubWedding45 TheReserveGolfClubWedding46 TheReserveGolfClubWedding47 TheReserveGolfClubWedding48 TheReserveGolfClubWedding49 TheReserveGolfClubWedding50 TheReserveGolfClubWedding51 TheReserveGolfClubWedding52 TheReserveGolfClubWedding53 TheReserveGolfClubWedding54 TheReserveGolfClubWedding55 TheReserveGolfClubWedding56 TheReserveGolfClubWedding57 TheReserveGolfClubWedding58 TheReserveGolfClubWedding59 TheReserveGolfClubWedding60 TheReserveGolfClubWedding61 TheReserveGolfClubWedding62 TheReserveGolfClubWedding63 TheReserveGolfClubWedding64 TheReserveGolfClubWedding65 TheReserveGolfClubWedding66Kendra & Tim, thank you so much for trusting me to capture your big day. Your wedding was stunning! I had such a great time with the two of you, and your whole group. I hope the rest of your travels went well, and your entire wedding adventure was wonderful.

Enjoy the sneak peek, the whole set will be ready soon.

xo em




Just recently I spent the morning with the lovely staff of Bella Vie Gentle Birth Center. It was that time of year to update head-shots & staff photos. These guys are always so great to work with, and of course the babies made it even more fun!

Check out a handful of my favorites..

SalemOregonPhotographer2 SalemOregonPhotographer3 SalemOregonPhotographer4 SalemOregonPhotographer5 SalemOregonPhotographer6 SalemOregonPhotographer7 SalemOregonPhotographer10 SalemOregonPhotographer11 SalemOregonPhotographer8



Thanks again ladies for being so lovely to put in-front of a camera!

xo em


So many sweet little boys on the blog lately, what a lucky photographer I am!

It was just a week or so ago it was my pleasure to spend the evening with these two charming little guys.

They were sweet, funny and kept me on my toes!

Here are a few favorites from our session together:

NewbergOregonPhotographer NewbergOregonPhotographer2 NewbergOregonPhotographer3 NewbergOregonPhotographer4 NewbergOregonPhotographer5 NewbergOregonPhotographer6 NewbergOregonPhotographer7 NewbergOregonPhotographer8 NewbergOregonPhotographer9 NewbergOregonPhotographer10 NewbergOregonPhotographer11 NewbergOregonPhotographer12 NewbergOregonPhotographer13


Katie thanks so much for sharing your boys with me! I had a great time with you all.

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek, the whole set will be done very soon.

xo em


Watch out world! Emily is coming for you, and she is awesome.

Oh not me friends, but Emily B.

She is sweet, smart, funny and so filled with infectious joy.

She is also a dog mama, and all around great lady.

It was my pleasure to capture her senior photos a few weeks back, and it could not have been more fun. She and her family totally cracked me up. OH and the dogs, the super cute adorable dogs. I kind of wanted to keep them all. 🙂

Check out a few images from our session together.

DundeeOregonPhotographer DundeeOregonPhotographer2 DundeeOregonPhotographer3 DundeeOregonPhotographer4 DundeeOregonPhotographer5 DundeeOregonPhotographer6 DundeeOregonPhotographer7 DundeeOregonPhotographer8 DundeeOregonPhotographer9 DundeeOregonPhotographer10 DundeeOregonPhotographer11 DundeeOregonPhotographer12 DundeeOregonPhotographer13 DundeeOregonPhotographer14 DundeeOregonPhotographer15 DundeeOregonPhotographer16 DundeeOregonPhotographer17 DundeeOregonPhotographer18

Emily & family, thanks again for trusting me to capture this special time. I loved working with you all! I hope you enjoyed the peek, I will have the whole set done soon!

xo em


Sometimes the cuteness is just too much. The G family always brings the cute, but this time it was off the charts. We even had some bonus time with their sweet cousin who was in town! He made me work for it, but man he was still so darling. I can not believe these boys have gotten so big so quickly!

Check out a few from our session…

PortlandFamilyPhotographer PortlandFamilyPhotographer2 PortlandFamilyPhotographer3 PortlandFamilyPhotographer4 PortlandFamilyPhotographer5 PortlandFamilyPhotographer6 PortlandFamilyPhotographer7 PortlandFamilyPhotographer8 PortlandFamilyPhotographer9 PortlandFamilyPhotographer10 PortlandFamilyPhotographer11 PortlandFamilyPhotographer12 PortlandFamilyPhotographer13 PortlandFamilyPhotographer14 PortlandFamilyPhotographer15 PortlandFamilyPhotographer16 PortlandFamilyPhotographer17 PortlandFamilyPhotographer18 PortlandFamilyPhotographer19 PortlandFamilyPhotographer20 PortlandFamilyPhotographer21 PortlandFamilyPhotographer22



T thanks again for having me capture your family. Your buys are always SO darn cute!

Enjoy the sneak peek, I will have the rest done very soon.

xo em