A huge congratulations to Tess, who in just a few short weeks will be graduating.

We met a few weeks ago to capture this special time. I had a great time with her, and her Mom. Talking about the country, future plans, and even met a few farm animals!

Check out a few of my favorites:

NewbergPhotographer NewbergPhotographer2 NewbergPhotographer3 NewbergPhotographer4 NewbergPhotographer5 NewbergPhotographer6 NewbergPhotographer7 NewbergPhotographer8 NewbergPhotographer9 NewbergPhotographer10 NewbergPhotographer11 NewbergPhotographer12 NewbergPhotographer13 NewbergPhotographer14 NewbergPhotographer15 NewbergPhotographer16 NewbergPhotographer17

Congratulations again Tess! I wish you nothing but joy on your newest journey in life!


xo em


I have been looking forward to Steven & Morgan’s wedding for a while now. It is my first full wedding of the year, but more than that, it really kind of kicks off the season for me. In addition to my own schedule, I knew this would be a great one. Our couple is adorable, kind, and oh so funny. They have great style, and love to have fun. Ever since their beach engagement session I have loved all of our communications.

They did not disappoint. The day was filled with love, laughter, joy and so much happy sunshine! I had a wonderful time capturing it all!

They also hired some amazing vendors that I knew would make their vision a reality.

Venue: The Colony at St. Johns

Day of Coordination: Sarah of Hitched in the Hood

Flora: Zest Floral & Event Design

Music: Michal with John Ross Music

Food: Chef’s Table

Officiant: Janet Green

Rentals: Classic Vintage Rentals & The Party Place

Hair & Make-up: Blossom & Beauty

Bus: Portland Party Bus

Her Dress: by Maggie Sottero at Charlotte’s Weddings & More

His Suit: Macys

Paper, Invitations & Signs: Groom’s skills and Bride’s imagination

Here are a few of my many, many favorites:


ColonyatStJohnsWedding ColonyatStJohnsWedding2 ColonyatStJohnsWedding3 ColonyatStJohnsWedding4 ColonyatStJohnsWedding5 ColonyatStJohnsWedding6 ColonyatStJohnsWedding7 ColonyatStJohnsWedding8 ColonyatStJohnsWedding9 ColonyatStJohnsWedding10 ColonyatStJohnsWedding11 ColonyatStJohnsWedding12 ColonyatStJohnsWedding13 ColonyatStJohnsWedding14 ColonyatStJohnsWedding15 ColonyatStJohnsWedding16 ColonyatStJohnsWedding17 ColonyatStJohnsWedding18 ColonyatStJohnsWedding19 ColonyatStJohnsWedding20 ColonyatStJohnsWedding21 ColonyatStJohnsWedding22 ColonyatStJohnsWedding23 ColonyatStJohnsWedding24 ColonyatStJohnsWedding25 ColonyatStJohnsWedding26 ColonyatStJohnsWedding27 ColonyatStJohnsWedding28 ColonyatStJohnsWedding29 ColonyatStJohnsWedding30 ColonyatStJohnsWedding31 ColonyatStJohnsWedding32 ColonyatStJohnsWedding33 ColonyatStJohnsWedding34 ColonyatStJohnsWedding35 ColonyatStJohnsWedding36 ColonyatStJohnsWedding37 ColonyatStJohnsWedding38

all images by emily g photography www.emilygphotography.com


ColonyatStJohnsWedding39 ColonyatStJohnsWedding40 ColonyatStJohnsWedding41 ColonyatStJohnsWedding42 ColonyatStJohnsWedding43 ColonyatStJohnsWedding44 ColonyatStJohnsWedding45 ColonyatStJohnsWedding46 ColonyatStJohnsWedding47 ColonyatStJohnsWedding48 ColonyatStJohnsWedding49 ColonyatStJohnsWedding50 ColonyatStJohnsWedding51 ColonyatStJohnsWedding52 ColonyatStJohnsWedding53 ColonyatStJohnsWedding54 ColonyatStJohnsWedding55 ColonyatStJohnsWedding56 ColonyatStJohnsWedding57 ColonyatStJohnsWedding58 ColonyatStJohnsWedding59 ColonyatStJohnsWedding60 ColonyatStJohnsWedding61 ColonyatStJohnsWedding62 ColonyatStJohnsWedding63 ColonyatStJohnsWedding64


Morgan & Steven, thank you so much for having us out to capture your big day. I loved working with you two, and wish you nothing but joy in your married lives. I hope you enjoyed the peek! I will have the whole set done soon!

xo em


emily g photography www.emilygphotography.com emily g photography www.emilygphotography.com emily g photography www.emilygphotography.com

It was just a week ago I got to capture the oh so adorable Morgan & Steven on their wedding day.

I am having so much fun working on this stunning day.

Many more soon!

xo em


Just look at this baby boy.

The big blue eyes, the chubby cheeks, the rolly-polly fingers and toes. I dare you not to fall in love!

It was just months ago he was a beautiful bump in his mama’s belly, then a darling new soul. Now he is back in-front of my lens and cuter than ever! We had a great morning playdate filled with sunshine, giggles and lots of grass to chew on.

Check out a few of my favorites:

WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer2 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer3 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer4 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer5 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer6 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer7 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer8 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer9 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer10 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer11 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer12 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer13 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer14 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer15 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer16 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer17 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer18 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer19 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer20 WilsonvilleOregonPhotographer21

Sam & Noel, thanks so much for sharing your darling baby boy with me! I had a great time capturing you all again. I hope you enjoyed the peek. The full set will be up shortly!

xo em


Oh man I love watching families grow. Especially over the years. I consider my self a story teller, so when that story keeps going I just love it.
It was my privilege to capture M&M years ago for their engagement and wedding photos. 

Then again a few years ago when they added Baby A to the mix.

Well they whole family is back in-front of my lens, and now with super cute baby brother! He was so sweet for me. So alert yet smiley!

I just loved working with these guys again.

Here are a few of my favs!

SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer2 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer3 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer4 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer5 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer6 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer7 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer8 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer9 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer10 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer11 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer12 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer13 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer14 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer15 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer16 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer17 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer18 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer19 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer20 SherwoodOregonBabyPhotographer21

M&M thanks again for having me into your home, to capture your darling family. I wish you guys ALL the joy to be had.

Enjoy the peek, I will have the whole set for you shortly.

xo em