After planning this session, for what felt like a million years (lol) it was SO fun to finally meet this beautiful family. We had a great time chasing the sunset, talking about raising teens, and climbing a tree.

Here are my favorites:

015-OregonFamilyPhotographer 016-OregonFamilyPhotographer 017-OregonFamilyPhotographer 018-OregonFamilyPhotographer 019-OregonFamilyPhotographer 020-OregonFamilyPhotographer 021-OregonFamilyPhotographer 022-OregonFamilyPhotographer 023-OregonFamilyPhotographer 024-OregonFamilyPhotographer 025-OregonFamilyPhotographer 026-OregonFamilyPhotographer 027-OregonFamilyPhotographer 028-OregonFamilyPhotographer 029-OregonFamilyPhotographer 030-OregonFamilyPhotographer 031-OregonFamilyPhotographer 034-OregonFamilyPhotographer 033-OregonFamilyPhotographer 032-OregonFamilyPhotographer

Thanks guys for coming out and being so fun to photograph! I hope you enjoyed the peek, see you soon for the final gallery!

xo em


Last week I got to take a few headshots of the oh, so lovely Olivia in my new studio space. It was so fun! If you need a new indoor studio or outdoor images let me know! I love a good headshot!

all images by emily g photography

xo em


This little lady is full of cuteness, and sass! She made me work for every image, and I loved it!

She was not about sleeping, or keeping still. This little girl knows what she wants! I had a wonderful time catching up with this awesome family.


002-OregonbabyPhotographer 003-OregonbabyPhotographer 004-OregonbabyPhotographer 005-OregonbabyPhotographer 006-OregonbabyPhotographer 007-OregonbabyPhotographer 008-OregonbabyPhotographer 009-OregonbabyPhotographer 010-OregonbabyPhotographer 011-OregonbabyPhotographer 012-OregonbabyPhotographer 013-OregonbabyPhotographer 014-OregonbabyPhotographer

Heather & Eric thanks for trusting me to capture your baby girl! I loved it!

Enjoy your peek the whole set will be ready soon,

xo em


I have known Shelly for years, so when she launched an amazing new health and wellness project I was so impressed! Shelly teaches the MELT method, a wonderful program for keeping your muscles and body it’s healthiest. Recently we met up for some early morning headshots and had a wonderful time down by the river.

021-OregonBrandingPhotographer 022-OregonBrandingPhotographer 023-OregonBrandingPhotographer 024-OregonBrandingPhotographer 025-OregonBrandingPhotographer 026-OregonBrandingPhotographer 027-OregonBrandingPhotographer 028-OregonBrandingPhotographer 029-OregonBrandingPhotographer 030-OregonBrandingPhotographer

Thank you, Shelly, for trusting me to point a camera at your beautiful face! I had a blast enjoy!


xo em


I love it when a plan finally comes together. I have been talking to this lovely family for ages about a session, and finally, the perfect time hit! We had a lovely morning walk in the park, made silly faces and met some fantastic ducks. These boys were a JOY to capture.

Check out my favorites…


002-OregonfamilyPhotographer 003-OregonfamilyPhotographer 004-OregonfamilyPhotographer 005-OregonfamilyPhotographer 006-OregonfamilyPhotographer 007-OregonfamilyPhotographer 008-OregonfamilyPhotographer 009-OregonfamilyPhotographer 010-OregonfamilyPhotographer 011-OregonfamilyPhotographer 012-OregonfamilyPhotographer 013-OregonfamilyPhotographer 014-OregonfamilyPhotographer 015-OregonfamilyPhotographer 016-OregonfamilyPhotographer 017-OregonfamilyPhotographer 018-OregonfamilyPhotographer 019-OregonfamilyPhotographer 020-OregonfamilyPhotographer

Lisa and family, thanks for meeting up with me and being so fun to photograph! I had a great time working with you all. I hope you enjoyed the peek, I will have the whole set ready soon!


xo em