Just a few short weeks ago it was my pleasure to capture Becky & Earls’ beautiful and emotional beach wedding. All weddings are special, that is a given, but some just stand out. In my job as a story teller I love getting to know my clients, how they met, what drew them together. I have to admit Becky & Earl’s sweet story stole my heart. Some times you search for love, and some times it finds you weather you are looking or not.;)

It really was our honor to capture B&E’s moving wedding celebration. From the getting ready giggles, to the moving & emotional ceremony, to the super fun reception, and end of night campfire, it was a beautiful day to capture.

Check out some photos from the special day…

Coordination Team: Natalia with Bridal Bliss

Venue & Food: Surfsands Resort

DJ & Photo Booth: Chad Dowling Entertainment

Paper Products: Crave Design

Her Dress: Nordstrom

His Suit: Men’s Wearhouse

Favors: Bruce’s Candy Kitchen

Fro-Yo: Fro Zone

CannonBeachWedding CannonBeachWedding2 CannonBeachWedding3 CannonBeachWedding4 CannonBeachWedding5 CannonBeachWedding6 CannonBeachWedding7 CannonBeachWedding8 CannonBeachWedding9 CannonBeachWedding10 CannonBeachWedding11 CannonBeachWedding12 CannonBeachWedding13 CannonBeachWedding14 CannonBeachWedding15 CannonBeachWedding16 CannonBeachWedding17 CannonBeachWedding18 CannonBeachWedding19 CannonBeachWedding20 CannonBeachWedding21 CannonBeachWedding22 CannonBeachWedding23 CannonBeachWedding24 CannonBeachWedding25 CannonBeachWedding26 CannonBeachWedding27 CannonBeachWedding28 CannonBeachWedding29 CannonBeachWedding30 CannonBeachWedding31 CannonBeachWedding33 CannonBeachWedding34 CannonBeachWedding35 CannonBeachWedding36 CannonBeachWedding37 CannonBeachWedding38 CannonBeachWedding39 CannonBeachWedding40 CannonBeachWedding41 CannonBeachWedding42 CannonBeachWedding43 CannonBeachWedding44 CannonBeachWedding45 CannonBeachWedding46 CannonBeachWedding47 CannonBeachWedding48 CannonBeachWedding49 CannonBeachWedding50 CannonBeachWedding51 CannonBeachWedding52 CannonBeachWedding53 CannonBeachWedding54 CannonBeachWedding55

Beck & Earl I am so thankful you chose us to capture your special day. It was so full of love, smiles and special moments. I had a wonderful time with you guys, your friends and especially your family.

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek. The full set will be ready soon.


xo em

  • October 5, 2015 - 2:05 pm

    Nora Sheils - You captured Becky & Earl’s day so well! Lovely!


Oh how I love a sweet baby boy. Especially when they are good for me and my camera.

The M family was darling to work with, even their curious and protecting boxer was darling.:)

But as wonderful as Mom, Dad and Puppy were, baby Drew stole the show. He was sleepy, smiley, and oh so good for me.

Check out the images from our session together. I loved capturing these guys!


LakeOswegoPhotographer010 LakeOswegoPhotographer011 LakeOswegoPhotographer012 LakeOswegoPhotographer013 LakeOswegoPhotographer014 LakeOswegoPhotographer015 LakeOswegoPhotographer016 LakeOswegoPhotographer017 LakeOswegoPhotographer018 LakeOswegoPhotographer019 LakeOswegoPhotographer020 LakeOswegoPhotographer021 LakeOswegoPhotographer022 LakeOswegoPhotographer023 LakeOswegoPhotographer024 LakeOswegoPhotographer025

Timarie & Rick thanks so much for having me out to capture your family. I had a great time meeting all of you.

I hope you all are settling in, getting some sleep, and enjoying that little miracle.:)

If you would like, I would love to offer you a little blog contest. If you can get 30 people to comment on this post, I will throw in a set of brag books on the house.

I will have the whole set done very soon!

xo em

  • September 30, 2015 - 1:15 pm

    Kendra - What a beautiful family! This little boy is so stinkin cute. Totally stole my heart, especially the first picture. Great photos!

  • October 1, 2015 - 3:39 pm

    Karen - These are amazing! Oh I want to hold him right now. How do you all look so fabulous?
    These pictures are gorgeous!

  • October 2, 2015 - 7:04 pm

    Aunt Tammy - I love them all! What a great bunch of memories for this beautiful family. The first one is my favorite. I love the smile. Great job Emily!!!

  • October 3, 2015 - 4:51 am

    Amanda Hefner - He’s precious! Great pics!

  • October 4, 2015 - 10:05 pm

    Debbie Hammock - What beautiful photos!!! ….and such a sweet baby boy! Frankie looks like he’s ready to protect his family. :-) Love you all!

  • October 4, 2015 - 10:18 pm

    Great Grandpa - Great pictures! I can’t wait to meet that little baby boy!…and see the rest of these wonderful photos. Give him a hug and kiss for me.


What a wedding season it has been! I have been all over the state, and captured so many different love stories. I have adored all of it too, but this one is special to me. Not only are AJ & Christina beautiful, and fun to work with, they are my friends. They cared and loved on my little boy for two years, and they did it with so much wonderfulness. It was my pleasure to capture their stylish, joyful and fun wedding. It was all things urban, colorful, and fun. Like really, really fun.

I adore these guys, and their friends and family. What a night!

Check out the images….

Hotel: Hotel Modera Portland

Her Dress: Bridal Exclusives

His Suite: Men’s Wearhouse

Venue: Urban Studio/Pearl Catering

Flowers: Gifford’s Floral Design

Desserts: Hungry Hero Dessert Co.


UrbanStudioWeddingPortland UrbanStudioWeddingPortland2 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland3 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland4 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland5 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland6 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland7 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland8 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland9 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland10 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland11 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland12 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland13 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland14 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland15 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland16 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland17 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland18 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland19 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland20 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland21 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland22 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland23 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland24 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland25 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland26 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland27 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland28 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland29 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland30 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland31 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland32 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland33 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland34 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland35 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland36 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland37 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland38 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland39 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland40 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland41 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland42 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland43 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland44 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland45 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland46 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland47 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland48 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland49 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland50 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland51 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland52 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland53 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland54 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland55 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland56 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland57 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland58 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland59 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland60 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland61 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland62 UrbanStudioWeddingPortland63

AJ & Christina, Thanks again for trusting me to capture your big day. It was amazing! You two were so fun to work with this summer, I hope you enjoy the images! I will have the whole gallery up soon.

xo em


Oh man how time flies, it was just the other day I was capturing sweet baby Ruby as a newborn, and now she is back and in Kindergarten! What!

This girl is adorable, with her raspy voice, brilliant smile and silly moves. She even rocked the Queen Padme Costume for me! I don’t think I could adore this kid any more.

Check out my session with Miss R and her family…

WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer2 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer3 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer4 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer5 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer6 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer7 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer8 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer9 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer10



WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer12 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer13

M&C thanks again for coming out to meet me. Your girl kills me! It was great catching up for sure too!

xo em


I am not sure how they do it, but the kiddos in the S family get more and more adorable each year. This year they brought the cute, as well as gobs of energy and some super funny faces. I adore these guys, it was so fun to have them back in-front of my camera…

Check out the cuteness below:

WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer2 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer3 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer4 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer5 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer6 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer7 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer8 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer9 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer10 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer11 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer12 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer13 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer14 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer15 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer16 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer17 WilsonvilleFamilyPhotographer18

P&C thanks again for coming out to meet me for photos again. It was a pleasure to capture your family again! I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek. The whole set will be up soon.

xo em