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Andrea and Josh are hilarious. They are smart, funny, witty and so very Portland. I mean really they wanted to show their love for the Portland Timbers, Artisan Ice Cream and Locally Brewed Beer in their session… SO very Portland in the best possible way. Really these spots are not just beloved by Portlanders, but special to this couple. The Brewery was the location of their first date. The ice cream shop is a favorite dessert pit stop, and they are huge Timbers fans. It was so fun to see these two in their element, and sharing a foggy afternoon with me.

I had a great time, I am so looking forward to their summer wedding.:)

Check out a few favorites…

PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer2 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer3 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer4 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer5 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer6 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer7 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer8 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer9 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer10 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer11 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer12 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer13 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer14 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer15 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer16 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer17


PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer19 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer20 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer21 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer22

A&J thanks so much for spending the afternoon with me. I had a blast with you guys! I hope all of your wedding planning is really coming together. I will have the whole set done very soon.

For now I would love to throw down a blog contest, if you are interested. If you can get 30 people to comment on this post, I will throw in an 11 x 14 wall print on the house.

So leave some love folks!

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I had so much fun getting to know Caitlin & Russel. We recently spent a foggy morning chatting, laughing, and walking around their alma mater Linfield College. These guys had some great stories!  We somehow avoided the rain with perfect timing, and shared so much laughter. It was such a lovely morning.

I am so looking forward to their wedding this year!

Check out a few of my favorites…


McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer2 McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer3 McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer4 McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer5 McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer6 McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer7 McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer8 McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer9 McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer10 McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer11 McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer12 McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer13 McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer14 McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer15 McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer16 McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer17 McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer18 McMinvilleOregonWeddingPhotographer19C&R thanks again for getting up early and meeting me in Mac! I had a great time with you guys. I am so excited about your big day this fall! I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek.:)As you know I am a lover of blog contests. If you can get 30 people to comment on this post i will throw in an 11×14 wall print on the house.

So leave some love folks!

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  • February 5, 2016 - 2:36 pm

    Amy D - Congrats Caitlin and Russell- the photos are fantastic- love the colors and the structures! And as Emily G knows, I am a sucker for a comment challenge so fitting that I get to leave the 1st comment ;)


As many of you know I share a studio space in NW Portland with couple photographer friends. Over the years things have shifted and changed, and recently we added to our share a group of amazing women. The ladies of Brave Birth Doula Care have been wonderful to get to know and work with the past few months.

It was my pleasure to work with them this past weekend on their studio open house. I got to meet so many sweet families and babies! I set up just a little corner photo booth/mini session area to welcome them into the space. It was a great morning filled with love and cute kiddos. I really look forward to working with these folks again!


PortlandBabyPhotographer21 PortlandBabyPhotographer22 PortlandBabyPhotographer23

PortlandBabyPhotographer PortlandBabyPhotographer2 PortlandBabyPhotographer3 PortlandBabyPhotographer4 PortlandBabyPhotographer5 PortlandBabyPhotographer6 PortlandBabyPhotographer7 PortlandBabyPhotographer8 PortlandBabyPhotographer9 PortlandBabyPhotographer10 PortlandBabyPhotographer14 PortlandBabyPhotographer15 PortlandBabyPhotographer16 PortlandBabyPhotographer17 PortlandBabyPhotographer18 PortlandBabyPhotographer19 PortlandBabyPhotographer20 PortlandBabyPhotographer24 PortlandBabyPhotographer25 PortlandBabyPhotographer26 PortlandBabyPhotographer27 PortlandBabyPhotographer28 PortlandBabyPhotographer29 PortlandBabyPhotographer30 PortlandBabyPhotographer31 PortlandBabyPhotographer32 PortlandBabyPhotographer33 PortlandBabyPhotographer34 PortlandBabyPhotographer35 PortlandBabyPhotographer13 PortlandBabyPhotographer11 PortlandBabyPhotographer12


Nicolette , Kelly,  Beth, Samantha, Trish & Rebeca thank you all so much for having me be a part of your celebration! It was a wonderful event. I am so excited for you guys, and happy our city has such a great team! I look forward to working together again soon!

Parents and others who came. I will have the whole set of images from the event up soon for download.:)Please comment below if you would like access to the images once they are ready!


xo em


Oh man I love watching families grow, and especially these guys. Always SO fun to capture, and so full of life. Their home is always beautiful too. It all started years ago with sweet baby Liam. I got to capture him as he got bigger, and bigger. And now he is a big brother! And such a good sweet big brother to boot. Baby M is just as adorable, and so fun to capture.

Check out a few from our session together in their lovely home.

PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer2 PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer3 PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer4 PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer5 PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer6 PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer7 PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer8 PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer9 PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer10 PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer11 PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer12 PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer13 PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer14 PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer15 PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer16 PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer17 PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer18 PortlandOregonNewbornPhotographer19

Trisha & Michael thanks again for trusting me to capture your family. Your boys are DARLING! I am so happy for your family. I will have the whole set done for you very soon.


xo em