This particular session has been in the works for a while now… It is kind of funny how long. I was starting to think this family were CIA agents, secret vampires or ninja’s, but no they are just awesome, cute, busy folks.

We had a great time taking a bit of a nature walks a few weeks ago. We dealt with a little rain, but had a wonderful time.

Check out the images we made!

DundeeOregonPhotographer DundeeOregonPhotographer2 DundeeOregonPhotographer3 DundeeOregonPhotographer4 DundeeOregonPhotographer5 DundeeOregonPhotographer6 DundeeOregonPhotographer7 DundeeOregonPhotographer8 DundeeOregonPhotographer9 DundeeOregonPhotographer10 DundeeOregonPhotographer11 DundeeOregonPhotographer12 DundeeOregonPhotographer13 DundeeOregonPhotographer14 DundeeOregonPhotographer15 DundeeOregonPhotographer16 DundeeOregonPhotographer17 DundeeOregonPhotographer18 DundeeOregonPhotographer19 DundeeOregonPhotographer20 DundeeOregonPhotographer21 DundeeOregonPhotographer22 DundeeOregonPhotographer23 DundeeOregonPhotographer24 DundeeOregonPhotographer25 DundeeOregonPhotographer26

Carey & family it was so lovely to meet you all! I had a blast photographing your shenanigans. I hope your weekend visit was a good one.

I will let you know when the whole set it ready!

xo em


Just a few weeks ago I had a wonderful evening with some wonderful folks. I have been working with this crowd for a while now through events and work with the World Forestry Center. When the Mitchell’s contacted me about photographing their 40th wedding anniversary & vow renewal I was so flattered.

It was a beautiful event filled with many happy generations, some beautiful hula dancing, and so much yummy ice cream!



Wendy thanks again for having me out to capture your event. It was my pleasure. I hope you have enjoyed the sneak peek.

I will have the whole set up soon!

xo em


I always love hearing how people choose names for their children. It is such a personal choice, that is so very public. For our family, we did research, family tree studies, and then found names that just felt right. For many folks names come from important people in their lives.

For one of my favorite clients, their sweet girl was named for a dear friend of Mama’s.

I have heard about this beloved friend for years as I have spent time with this family, so it was SO fun to meet her while she was in town visiting. It was so fun to see the interaction of this family, and darling baby girl as she loved on her “Auntie Aurora”.

Check out some of my favorite images from our session together:


DundeeFamilyPhotographer DundeeFamilyPhotographer2 DundeeFamilyPhotographer3 DundeeFamilyPhotographer4 DundeeFamilyPhotographer5 DundeeFamilyPhotographer6 DundeeFamilyPhotographer7 DundeeFamilyPhotographer8 DundeeFamilyPhotographer9 DundeeFamilyPhotographer10 DundeeFamilyPhotographer11 DundeeFamilyPhotographer12 DundeeFamilyPhotographer13 DundeeFamilyPhotographer14 DundeeFamilyPhotographer15 DundeeFamilyPhotographer16 DundeeFamilyPhotographer17 DundeeFamilyPhotographer18 DundeeFamilyPhotographer19 DundeeFamilyPhotographer20 DundeeFamilyPhotographer21


Josie & family, thanks again for choosing me to capture this special time in your lives! Your darling girl was so fun to capture as always! I hope you all had a wonderful visit, and safe travels.

I should have the whole set done shortly.

xo em


So earlier today I was called by a lovely local man. He was wanting to surprise his lady love with a ring and a question. He and his son would be proposing to this fine lady this very afternoon!

He asked me to photograph it, so fun! I told him after I got home I would upload “just a few”… welll…

I can not help my self! I went in to just edit a few for this happy couple and came out with way more than a few.

What can I say, I am sucker for a surprise engagement, and top if off with a darling 3 year old, I am toast!

Meet Faustino, Melissa, and oh so adorable Adrian.

DundeeWeddingPhotographer DundeeWeddingPhotographer2 DundeeWeddingPhotographer3 DundeeWeddingPhotographer4 DundeeWeddingPhotographer5 DundeeWeddingPhotographer6 DundeeWeddingPhotographer7 DundeeWeddingPhotographer8 DundeeWeddingPhotographer9 DundeeWeddingPhotographer10 DundeeWeddingPhotographer11 DundeeWeddingPhotographer12 DundeeWeddingPhotographer13 DundeeWeddingPhotographer14 DundeeWeddingPhotographer15 DundeeWeddingPhotographer16 DundeeWeddingPhotographer17 DundeeWeddingPhotographer18 DundeeWeddingPhotographer19 DundeeWeddingPhotographer20 DundeeWeddingPhotographer21 DundeeWeddingPhotographer22 DundeeWeddingPhotographer23 DundeeWeddingPhotographer24 DundeeWeddingPhotographer25 DundeeWeddingPhotographer26 DundeeWeddingPhotographer27 DundeeWeddingPhotographer28 DundeeWeddingPhotographer30

Congratulations Faustino, Melissa & Little Man! I am so happy for you all. It was my honor to witness such a special moment! I hope you enjoy your “boat” and have many years of happiness together. 🙂

xo em


Just last week it was my pleasure to photograph the great team at Gormley Plumbing & Mechanical. They are a wonderful local business that has been serving our community for over 100 years now! It was so fun to be part of that family and local tradition.

This is just day one, next month we will head out to some job sites, but for now I wanted to share these fun captures!

McMinvilleOregonPhotographer McMinvilleOregonPhotographer2 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer3 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer4 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer5 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer6 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer7 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer8 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer9 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer10 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer11 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer12 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer13 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer14 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer15 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer16 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer17 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer18 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer19 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer20 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer21 McMinvilleOregonPhotographer22

xo em