Beautiful Babes at Sunset

Watching families and babies grow is for sure the best part of my job! I have been working with this family for ages, it has been my pleasure to capture weddings, babies, and more.

It was wonderful to catch up with the A family recently, play at sunset, and try to convince sassy baby girls to smile. I love a challenge, especially when that challenge comes with beautiful dark eyes and golden curls. 🙂

Check out my favorites.

028-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographer 029-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographer 030-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographer 031-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographer 032-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographer 033-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographer 034-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographer 035-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographer 036-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographer 037-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographer 038-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographer 039-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographer 040-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographer 041-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographer 042-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographer 043-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographer 044-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographer 045-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographer 046-NewbergOregonFamilyPhotographerJessica and Rich thanks for trusting me to capture your sweet family! I had a great time working with you all again.

I will have the whole set done soon,

xo em

  • September 2, 2019 - 4:01 pm

    Jessica Anderson - You’re talent is beyond measure! You manage to capture the essence of every session amidst chaos (weddings and babies! Oh my!). Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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