McCute, McCharming, McBaby

I CAN NOT HANDLE how cute this family is.

I had a blast catching up with the McDermott family, or as I call them McCharming and McCute…

I am a nerd I know, but I love these little dudes and their scrunchy noses. We made animal noises, searched for bugs, and had a great time making some fun photos.

Check out my favs…

013-PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer 014-PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer 015-PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer 016-PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer 017-PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer 018-PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer 019-PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer 020-PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer 021-PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer 022-PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer 023-PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer 024-PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer 025-PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer 026-PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer 027-PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer 028-PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer 029-PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer 030-PortlandOregonFamilyPhotographer

Sam and Noel, thanks for trusting me to capture your family once again!

I will have the full set done very soon.


xo em

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