The Lovely C Family

After planning this session, for what felt like a million years (lol) it was SO fun to finally meet this beautiful family. We had a great time chasing the sunset, talking about raising teens, and climbing a tree.

Here are my favorites:

015-OregonFamilyPhotographer 016-OregonFamilyPhotographer 017-OregonFamilyPhotographer 018-OregonFamilyPhotographer 019-OregonFamilyPhotographer 020-OregonFamilyPhotographer 021-OregonFamilyPhotographer 022-OregonFamilyPhotographer 023-OregonFamilyPhotographer 024-OregonFamilyPhotographer 025-OregonFamilyPhotographer 026-OregonFamilyPhotographer 027-OregonFamilyPhotographer 028-OregonFamilyPhotographer 029-OregonFamilyPhotographer 030-OregonFamilyPhotographer 031-OregonFamilyPhotographer 034-OregonFamilyPhotographer 033-OregonFamilyPhotographer 032-OregonFamilyPhotographer

Thanks guys for coming out and being so fun to photograph! I hope you enjoyed the peek, see you soon for the final gallery!

xo em

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