Lovely Lennon is One!

How has it been a year since the lovely Lennon was born? It has been so fun working with her sweet family this year and seeing her grow. She is such a sweet little girl.

Check out my favorites so far…

001-OregonBabyPhotographer 002-OregonBabyPhotographer 003-OregonBabyPhotographer 004-OregonBabyPhotographer 005-OregonBabyPhotographer 006-OregonBabyPhotographer 007-OregonBabyPhotographer 008-OregonBabyPhotographer 009-OregonBabyPhotographer 010-OregonBabyPhotographer 011-OregonBabyPhotographer 012-OregonBabyPhotographer 013-OregonBabyPhotographer 014-OregonBabyPhotographer 015-OregonBabyPhotographer 016-OregonBabyPhotographer 017-OregonBabyPhotographer 018-OregonBabyPhotographer 019-OregonBabyPhotographer 020-OregonBabyPhotographer 021-OregonBabyPhotographer 022-OregonBabyPhotographer 023-OregonBabyPhotographer

Lindsay and Brandon thanks for trusting me to capture your sweet family this year. I have adored working with you all again.


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