Oh man this boy is so cute!

It has been so fun to capture Stacey & JT over the years, but man this little guy stole the show! I love watching them grow!

Check out a few of my favorites so far…

001-NewbergOregonBabyPhotographer 002-NewbergOregonBabyPhotographer 003-NewbergOregonBabyPhotographer 004-NewbergOregonBabyPhotographer 005-NewbergOregonBabyPhotographer 006-NewbergOregonBabyPhotographer 007-NewbergOregonBabyPhotographer 008-NewbergOregonBabyPhotographer 009-NewbergOregonBabyPhotographer 010-NewbergOregonBabyPhotographer 011-NewbergOregonBabyPhotographer 012-NewbergOregonBabyPhotographer 013-NewbergOregonBabyPhotographer 014-NewbergOregonBabyPhotographer 015-NewbergOregonBabyPhotographer

S & JT, thank you for trusting me with your family again. I loved seeing you all again and seeing your darling boy. I will have the whole set done soon!


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