Cozy Little Bear

Oh this family brings the cute! It was just 6 months ago that I met them and their darling boys. It has been so fun to capture the growth so far. We braved the wind and the cold to capture some fun photos out in the city this time around. It was windy, but oh so fun.

Check out the photos from our 6-month session.

001-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 002-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 003-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 004-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 005-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 006-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 007-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 008-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 009-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 010-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 011-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 012-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 013-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 014-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 015-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 016-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 017-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 018-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 019-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 020-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 021-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 022-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 023-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer 024-PortlandOregonBabyPhotographer

Rachael, I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek! I will have the whole set done soon.


xo em

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