Schumann Boys 2018

It has been so fun to watch these boys grow! Another year of goofy fun with the Schuman boys.

Here are my favorites:

028-DundeeFamilyPhotographer 029-DundeeFamilyPhotographer 030-DundeeFamilyPhotographer 031-DundeeFamilyPhotographer 032-DundeeFamilyPhotographer 033-DundeeFamilyPhotographer 034-DundeeFamilyPhotographer 035-DundeeFamilyPhotographer 036-DundeeFamilyPhotographer 037-DundeeFamilyPhotographer 038-DundeeFamilyPhotographer 039-DundeeFamilyPhotographer 040-DundeeFamilyPhotographer 041-DundeeFamilyPhotographer 042-DundeeFamilyPhotographer 043-DundeeFamilyPhotographer 044-DundeeFamilyPhotographer 045-DundeeFamilyPhotographer 046-DundeeFamilyPhotographer

Jennifer, thanks for trusting me with your sweet family again this year! I had a great time catching up.

xo em

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