Not sure how I am related, but I do love them

What do I call my Sister’s sister-in-law?

My sister-in-law once removed?

My sister-in-law to the second power?

Whatever it is, I adore these two and had a great time pointing my camera at them.

081-NewbergEngagementPhotographer 082-NewbergEngagementPhotographer 083-NewbergEngagementPhotographer 084-NewbergEngagementPhotographer 085-NewbergEngagementPhotographer 086-NewbergEngagementPhotographer 087-NewbergEngagementPhotographer 088-NewbergEngagementPhotographer 089-NewbergEngagementPhotographer 090-NewbergEngagementPhotographer 091-NewbergEngagementPhotographer 092-NewbergEngagementPhotographer 093-NewbergEngagementPhotographer

Abigail and Seth thanks for being so fun to capture! I will have the whole set done soon.




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