The Family Love

I love working with friends! I have known this family for a few years. We have girls in the same grade, boys in the same sport. Tina even saved my dumb dog when she ate a lego tire.

They are good peeps, and it was my pleasure to point a camera at them.

Check out my favs so far:

065-NewbergFamilyPhotographer 066-NewbergFamilyPhotographer 067-NewbergFamilyPhotographer 068-NewbergFamilyPhotographer 069-NewbergFamilyPhotographer 070-NewbergFamilyPhotographer 071-NewbergFamilyPhotographer 072-NewbergFamilyPhotographer 073-NewbergFamilyPhotographer 074-NewbergFamilyPhotographer 075-NewbergFamilyPhotographer 076-NewbergFamilyPhotographer 077-NewbergFamilyPhotographer 078-NewbergFamilyPhotographer 079-NewbergFamilyPhotographer 080-NewbergFamilyPhotographer

Tina and Alan thanks for trusting me to capture your family! Enjoy the peek. I will have the whole set done soon.

xo em

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