Kaitlin & Kellen: love

What is the best way to spend a warm summer evening as a photographer? Well for me it is next to a river, with an adorable couple and camera. I had a wonderful time getting to know Kaitlin and Kellen recently. We walked around a lovely Lake Oswego park, laughed a lot, and took some great photos.

I am so looking forward to their wedding this fall.

Check out my favorites so far:

001-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 002-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 003-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 004-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 005-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 006-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 007-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 008-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 009-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 010-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 011-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 012-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 013-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 014-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 015-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 016-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 017-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 018-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 019-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer 020-LakeOswegoOregonWeddingPhotographer

K & K thanks again for meeting up with me! I had a great time with you two. I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek. I will have the whole set ready very soon.

xo em

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