What to wear family: updated!

I get asked all the time “what do I wear to my photo session?”

GREAT QUESTION! I posted about this a few years back, but I thought it may be time to update it. 🙂

Figuring out what to wear is a huge pain.  I totally get it, I have the same issue every year when I organize my own family photos. First of all don’t stress out too much. The goal of our photo session is to capture YOU, not the outfits. So please if you do not normally get super dressed up, don’t do it for photos. You will end up uncomfortable for photos, and no one wants that!

The key to family wardrobe for photos is really coordination NOT matching. Just like I said in the last post if you show up in matching polos & pleated khakis my camera will magically stop working. 🙂

No one wants super dated matchy-matchy family photos. Coordinating means picking a color palette that suits all of you and going with that. It can be as simple as black & white, or all jewel tones, or all primary colors. The options are endless! Just make sure you are not matching, and not outright clashing. I love color & patterns, I think layers are always great. I also love accessories & personality. If your 2 year old lives in his rain boots bring them! Does your 7 year old love her big chunky pink pearls or her rainbow tights, awesome!  Kids should be comfortable and full of character, not stiff & formal in my opinion. If you do want something more formal we can make that work, but it will be extra hard to make jr smile if he has never been in a 3 piece suit before, so just weigh your options carefully.


Here is a fun & sweet family wardrobe idea:



You can see more ideas & inspiration on my “what to wear family” board on pinterest. I plan to keep adding & changing ideas with the seasons. (Really click the link, I update it all the time!)

The options are endless, and can really be more about your setting. If we are doing something more downtown, it may lend it self to brighter colors. But if the setting is an open field, having more outdoorsy, or natural colors can really work. Just keep in mind the cammo affect. If we are shooting in-front of a stand of green trees, putting your family in green would not work out well.

Here are some great examples:

A few other things to remember:

Did I mention they should be fun? A few things you should NOT do:

  • dye your hair or get a drastic cut the night before (Moms, Dads or kids)
  • try our new makeup you have never worn before
  • wear 5 inch heals if you never, ever wear heels.
  • forget to eat prior (the best images are always of happy, well rested kids with full tummies, trust me)
  • Feed your kids tons of sugar if they are not used to it.
  • wear matching polos & pleated khakis (remember my camera is allergic)

Things you should do prior:

  • get a good night’s sleep the night prior (I know a tall order with little ones, but its so good for your skin!)
  • bring items special your family or kids, that would be fun to include ( Like Malcom’s glasses, Scarlett’s car or Welly’s piano.)
  • Find some fun winter hats, or colorful boots. Again bringing out kids personality is always so fun.
  • choose a location that has special meaning to you guys as a family. Your favorite spot for a hike, or the local icecream shop. I am always up for creative ideas outside the box.

I hope that helps!

And of course, it has to be said. I only have a few spots in 2016 left! If you want photos before years end please contact me now!

xo em


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