Andrea & Josh: love

Andrea and Josh are hilarious. They are smart, funny, witty and so very Portland. I mean really they wanted to show their love for the Portland Timbers, Artisan Ice Cream and Locally Brewed Beer in their session… SO very Portland in the best possible way. Really these spots are not just beloved by Portlanders, but special to this couple. The Brewery was the location of their first date. The ice cream shop is a favorite dessert pit stop, and they are huge Timbers fans. It was so fun to see these two in their element, and sharing a foggy afternoon with me.

I had a great time, I am so looking forward to their summer wedding. 🙂

Check out a few favorites…

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PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer19 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer20 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer21 PortlandOregonWeddingPhotographer22

A&J thanks so much for spending the afternoon with me. I had a blast with you guys! I hope all of your wedding planning is really coming together. I will have the whole set done very soon.

For now I would love to throw down a blog contest, if you are interested. If you can get 30 people to comment on this post, I will throw in an 11 x 14 wall print on the house.

So leave some love folks!

xo em

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