Jessica & Rich: the wedding

The last wedding of the season is always bitter sweet for me. I love what I do, and adore capturing weddings. It is always great to be done, and home with the family more, but man I have a great job! This year I could not have been happier to have Jessica & Rich be my farewell to 2015. They are sweet, kind, funny, generous, and have the cutest little baby imaginable. They also happen to have some friends & family of mine in the wedding party, so that made the dance floor even more fun to capture. 😉

The entire day was stunning to photograph. These two hired an amazing team of vendors, and made the whole day personal.

Check out the many, many images I just could not wait to share! This is  LONG peek, but with such a great gallery I just could not help myself.

Planners: Meghan with Bridal Bliss

Venue: Zenith Vineyards

Flowers: Geranium Lake

Hair & Make up: Face Body Beauty

Catering, Rentals & Cake: Vibrant Table

Officiant: Samantha Swain

DJ: Chad Dowling Productions


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Jessica & Rich, thanks again for having me out to capture your stunning day. I really, really loved working with you guys! I hope you had an amazing time in Hawaii! I will have the whole gallery up shortly. Enjoy the peek!

xo em

  • September 27, 2017 - 11:45 am

    sweet little sister - […] love watching families grow. It has been my pleasure to capture for Jessica & Rich a stunning wedding, a beautiful belly and super sweet newborn boy […]

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