cuter, sweeter, and even more fun in 2011

I met the Kennedy family a little while back while shooting an amazing wedding. They are cute, kind and hilariousness. I loved working with them that winter on family photos last year. When Nicole called again this year to schedule a shoot with just the kids I jumped at the chance.

We caught some pretty autumn weather and leaves this year for our backdrop. I am not sure how it is possible but the kids were even cuter, sweeter and even more fun this year. We are still getting used to the whole sibling thing in our house, so I love seeing siblings have fun and be so kind to each-other.

Here are a few of my favorites:


Nicole & Gabe thanks for bringing the kids up to Newberg this year. It was great seeing you all again! Your kids are adorable, and were so good for me. Please tell them to keep getting cuter and I will gladly tease them with my dumb jokes any time. 🙂 I will have the whole gallery up here shortly. I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek.



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