Double Trouble {Portland Oregon Photograher}

This last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting twin sisters. Ashley and Nicole are graduating high school soon and wanted to capture some fun images to commemorate this important year. I always have fun on senior sessions, but Ashley & Nicole kept me cracking up the entire time we were shooting.  Something about sisters, they always know how to keep each other laughing.

Here are a few of my favorites so far:


Such pretty ladies.


Nicole has such a great natural smile.

I love Ashley’s eyes here, they sparkly through her glasses.


And of course we HAD to jump! I love that they were both sporting the converse too, my favorite.


Check out the rad yellow wall we found too.


See you think she is throwing me a nice smile here, really I think she is just laughing at her sister. I am telling you sister/sister sessions are the best. When you live with someone for 17 or 18 years you know how to crack them up.


Ash & Cole thanks so much for hanging out with me, and being up for anything. I will have the rest of the set for you very soon!

xo em

  • January 20, 2009 - 6:08 pm

    Reanna Gunderson - These two our my best friends! I don’t think that i have ever seen as beautiful as you have captured them in these few photos posted on your sight. I love them! And I love Ashley and Nicole! Also so true that they crack each other up non stop.

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